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Domicil’Gym’s approach to personal training and fitness

Together, we’ll create a personalized training program tailored to your goals and health needs, ensuring you achieve the results you desire. At every step, we provide the knowledge, skills, and motivation to help you stay committed to your objectives.

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How does personal training with Domicil'Gym work?


Our personalized training services are designed to satisfy you and fit seamlessly into your life.

Once you have selected your personal trainer, they will come to your home or workplace to conduct your session. You don't need to worry about the technical details; your trainer has the equipment and expertise necessary for your success!

Your part? Follow the program specially created for you after a free initial session that assesses your needs, goals, and physical condition.

A second free session allows you to experience what a training session is like under the attentive eye of your personal trainer. This allows you to see what makes our Domicil'Gym trainers professional: personalized support, advice, listening, correction of poor postures, adaptability, evaluation of your progress, and tailored exercises...

Then, your program begins! Day after day, week after week, your training evolves according to your progress and helps you achieve your goals.

This is indeed the raison d'ĂŞtre of your trainer: to ensure your motivation remains constant, your progress steady, to avoid stagnation, and to evolve your program as you succeed!

What do our satisfied clients say?


Here is Agnès's testimonial: “Restarted exercising with Vincent, super professional, attentive, punctual, always in a good mood. Vincent truly adapts his lessons, I highly recommend this trainer. His humor adds a real plus to the sessions. Thank you for this year of getting back into shape.”

Here is Fabienne's testimonial: “For several months now, I've been getting great support from Tamimount, a Domicil’Gym personal trainer. My body is transforming, and I now look forward to our weekly appointments!”

Here is Véronique's testimonial: “Ms. Muriel LAFAGE is a trainer particularly attentive to my needs and knows perfectly how to adapt to my current state of fitness. Dynamic, and friendly, she knows, in a very professional way, how to push me beyond my comfort zone while considering my profile and limits. After 2.5 years of working together, I believe I have progressed beyond my expectations, and it's thanks to her expertise and human qualities.”

How to take advantage of our special offers, including two free sessions?


From the Domicil’Gym website, click on the “Two Free Sessions” button to open the contact form.

Enter your personal information and the coach of your geographical area will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also take the time to explore the profiles of trainers offering sessions in your city. You will find their degrees and certifications as well as the pricing structure of your future personal trainer.

Then, simply fill out the contact form provided. Don’t forget to specify your city, and we will call you back as soon as possible so you can benefit from a free assessment and a free session with one of our Domicil’Gym personal trainers!

Why choose Domicil'Gym?


Domicil’Gym is a pioneering personal training brand in Europe. Since 1993, the founders of Domicil’Gym, Laurent Pereira, Didier Messal, and Frank Saffon, have made the brand a model in the world of home personal training. Choosing Domicil’Gym means benefiting from 31 years of experience in sports innovation, health, and wellness.

Our values and philosophy since 1993


Indeed, it was in Toulouse, on the university benches, that the three founders met and became friends.

While their passion for sports drives them, it’s their curiosity and thirst for learning that makes the difference. During their travels, they brought back a different vision of sports, where preventive health practices play a crucial role.

The concept gradually expanded. How to get more people to engage in physical activity? Facilitate the daily life of athletes? Ensure that lack of time is no longer an excuse. The concept of personal training at home was born.

Thus, it is indeed a generous vision of sports that is promoted by the founders of Domicil’Gym, as well as by the brand's trainers and ultimately by the clients themselves.

Certainly, while self-improvement and competitiveness are components of the sporting spirit, the brand's values draw on strong motivations - making sports accessible for the well-being and health of as many people as possible - revolving around notions of commitment, mutual aid, exchange, and excellence.

How are our trainers selected and trained?


Our excellence is particularly evident in the selection and training of the brand's trainers.

A prerequisite for joining the network is being a state-certified trainer.

Aspiring Domicil’Gym trainers undergo a brief two-day training to assess their motivations and understand the brand's values and principles.

Subsequently, trainers selected after the first step undergo a one-week training that introduces them to the Domicil’Gym concept.

Finally, the personal trainers meet annually for several days to improve together.

What are the advantages of our tailored support?


Personalized support from a Domicil’Gym personal trainer allows you to benefit from the experience and knowledge of an entire network!

This personalized support ensures that the trainee performs workouts specifically tailored to them.

These are programs designed according to your goals as well as your individual needs and physical condition, helping you progress and achieve your objectives.

Such support allows you to communicate easily with your trainer and facilitates any necessary adjustments. Your trainer closely monitors your progress and adapts your program to your evolution.

How to book a personal training session with Domicil'Gym?


Submit your request through our Domicil’Gym website by filling out our contact form!

A trainer will call you back as soon as possible to gather the necessary information and organize your first session!

What is the price for a personal trainer in Switzerland?


The price of a personal trainer in Switzerland generally varies between 80 and 150 CHF per hour, depending on the trainer's experience and the region. Sessions can be more expensive in major cities like Zurich and Geneva.

What is a personal trainer?


A personal trainer is a professional who helps individuals achieve their fitness and health goals. They design personalized training programs, offer nutritional advice, and motivate clients to improve their physical condition.

What is the salary of a personal trainer in Switzerland?


In Switzerland, the salary of a personal trainer ranges from 50,000 to 90,000 CHF per year. Experienced trainers can earn even more, sometimes exceeding 100,000 CHF annually.

What are the disadvantages of hiring a personal trainer?


Hiring a personal trainer in Switzerland presents disadvantages such as high costs (up to 150 CHF per hour), potential scheduling conflicts, possible dependence on the motivation provided by the trainer, and the pressure of being supervised. However, these disadvantages are outweighed by the benefits offered.

More than personal training, we’re your wellness partner

Our mission: to guide you towards lasting well-being, with a method that highlights teamwork and an in-depth understanding of individual needs, both physically and emotionally. Inspired by advances on three continents and regularly enriched by the latest methods in personal training, we are committed to offering you the tools necessary to support you in a profound and constant transformation.

Do you want to become a Domicil’Gym personal trainer?

Are you a physical activity teacher and would like to join a high-end structure? Do like 150 of our franchise coaches, join the Domcil’Gym adventure to benefit from a unique concept in France. Be free and independent while having the best equipment and 360° support from 25 years of experience.

What training is required to become a personal trainer in Switzerland?


To become a personal trainer in Switzerland, there are several pathways and training programs:

  • Federal Certificate of Competence (CFC): This diploma for an assistant in promoting physical activity and health is often the starting point for those wishing to enter the field of personal training in Switzerland. It includes theoretical and practical training in gyms and other professional environments.

  • Professional Certifications: Various shorter training programs allow you to acquire specific skills and are recognized by the fitness and sports industry. Our training program, "Successfully Create and Develop Your Independent Personal Trainer Business," is recognized and provides aspiring personal trainers with a framework to start their own business.

  • University Degrees: For those seeking more advanced training, degrees such as a Bachelor's in Sports Science or specialized master's degrees in personal training are available. These programs typically last between 3 and 5 years.

How is the training of personal trainers conducted in Switzerland?


Candidates must first have basic qualifications in sports and fitness as mentioned earlier. These degrees provide a solid theoretical and practical foundation, essential for designing suitable training programs.

Next, trainers join Domicil'Gym, where they receive training in the company's exclusive concept. The brand stands out for its personalized training sessions, focused on the individual needs and physical capabilities of clients, whether it's getting back in shape, preparing for a competition, or rehabilitation.

Domicil'Gym emphasizes professional ethics and human values, such as commitment, excellence, mutual aid, and exchange. Trainers are particularly selected for their ability to offer continuous and motivating support.

In summary, becoming a personal trainer with Domicil'Gym in Switzerland involves solid initial training in sports science, followed by integration into the Domicil'Gym network where trainers receive training and are then supported to provide high-quality, personalized training services.

What are the career paths and specializations of our personal trainers?


Domicil’Gym personal trainers often have a Federal Certificate of Competence (CFC) in promoting physical activity and health, which combines theory and practice, or university degrees such as a Bachelor's in Sports Science or master's degrees in personal training, covering topics like sports science, psychology, or advanced training techniques. Their specializations vary:

  • Athletic performance,
  • Rehabilitation and injury prevention,
  • General fitness and wellness,
  • Specific coaching: children, elderly,
  • Coaching and nutrition: weight loss, muscle gain.

These specializations can cover many areas.

All Domicil’Gym trainers are certified and trained in the unique Domicil’Gym concept, which places the individual at the heart of the training. The program is designed according to the person's needs and evolves with their progress.

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