United in achieving your goal

Let’s implement a plan to achieve your goals, no matter how ambitious they may be.

Our Path to Progress Together

Listening to your body and your needs

Your trainer takes stock of your state of fitness and your objectives to establish a tailor-made program to which you adhere.

Implementation of the joint program

Your trainer is by your side at each stage of your program to enable you to persevere until you achieve your objectives validated by a final assessment.

How does the first session go?

Your trainer is a professional physical activity teacher, as such he must identify the starting point of your relationship. It is the very basis of all teaching to evaluate the starting level of your student to adapt your teaching. So, this first lesson will be devoted to your physical assessment using exclusive tools developed by Domicil’gym drawing inspiration from what is best in France, Canada, and Australia.

This first meeting will also allow the Domicil’gym Coach to better understand your objectives to respond precisely to them.

How is the second session going?

The second meeting will be devoted to the restitution of your results and their interpretations.

The trainer will take the opportunity to verbalize your objectives, which he will possibly propose to you with your agreement to evolve according to your now-known physical capacities.

Following this, he will offer you the solution he has for you to achieve your objectives, which he will materialize through a practical session.

After that?

You therefore had the opportunity to test the Domicil’gym concept during these first 2 courses offered (we are the only ones to offer you this service, proof of our strong belief in our know-how).

If our solution to achieve your goal suits you, we will set off together on the path to well-being (because each day will already be a step towards better) and success.

This success will be the fruit of your perseverance and your commitment, of which the relationship with your coach will be the pillar. You will form a pair built on our common values: Commitment, Demand, Mutual Aid, and Exchange.

We guarantee that there will be a before and after meeting with a Domicil’Gym personal trainer.

Two free discovery sessions

At your home - 1 comprehensive physical assessment - 1 personalized session - no commitment!